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World Lindy Hop Day 2024 
Frankie 110 is excited to host Singapore's World Lindy Hop Day party! Even more so as it coincides with the 110th year of Frankie Manning's birthday!

Join us for a fun-filled weekend of parties and workshops , together with our very special guests The Stumbling Swingout (9 piece big band from Bangkok) and Patrik and Lizette, Sakarias and Elice (The Hots Shots, Stockholm).

Registration available for Full Passes now

What is World Lindy Hop Day?

World Lindy Hop Day was created on 26 May 2013 at Frankie 100 to invite Lindy Hoppers around the world to celebrate this dance! Every year, the whole month of May becomes Frankie Month, giving swing communities around the world an excuse to eat cake and party :)

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Who is Frankie Manning?

Frankie grew up dancing in the Savoy Ballroom in the 1930s. He was one of the most creative and dynamic dancers and has been credited with inventing many of the iconic Lindy steps including the very first airstep! Frankie was instrumental in passing on knowledge of the swing era to modern dancers in the 80s and 90s. Together with other original Savoy dancers like Al Minns, Norma Miller, Barbara Billups and Sugar Sullivan, Frankie inspired a whole new generation of dancers to learn and love Lindy Hop.

The Stumbling Swingout


The Live Party Band

The Stumbling Swingout is Bangkok's most prominent swing jazz band. A massive 9-piece combo founded by Lindy Hop dancers, they are not just musicians - they are entertainers. Starting out playing for the local swing dance community, their large, upbeat sound and playful stage presence has proven to have a universal appeal, garnering a following amongst audiences from all walks of life. Their mission is to engage with listeners and dancers, and to create awareness of music in the swing era, featuring music from Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman and Count Basie to name a few. With a mix of classic swing tunes and modern arrangements, The Stumbling Swingout will get any crowd on their feet and dancing, bringing the swing to any event!

The International Teachers

We are excited to take classes and dance with Lizette, Patrik, Sakarias and Elice, from The Hot Shots in Sweden! One of the most active Lindy Hop companies in the world for the last 35 years, these dancers follow the tradition of studying the roots and African American culture of this dance. Working with Al Minns and Frankie from the start set them on the mission to preserve and acknowledge the originators and creators of Lindy Hop. While the members of the group have changed over time, their dedication to respect the rhythms of Harlem hasn't changed.

The Hot Shots


Lizette Rönnqvist

Lizette is a dance teacher and a member of the famous swing dance company the Hot Shots. Swing dancing has been part of her life for a long time as she started dancing at the age of nine in her home town Borås. Todays she is based in Stockholm, Sweden and travels the world to perform, dance and teach various dance styles from the swing era. Lizette puts a lot of value into personal style and a solid rhythm.


Patrik Pettersson

Patrik is a dance teacher and member of the famous swing dance company The Hot Shots. Patrik is happiest on stage, which is obvious when you see his famous smile and surprising agility. It is impossible not to notice his love for all music that swings, as soon as he sets foot on the dancefloor. He gets inspiration from the big dancers of the 30’s like Al Minns and Leon James, although he makes his moves his own.


Lizette Rönnqvist


Patrik Pettersson

Sakarias photo by G  Hofbauer.jpg

Sakarias Larsson

Sakarias "The Champ" Larsson was born and raised in Frufällan, on the west side of Sweden. He watched jitterbug contests as a kid and there were some things with the music and the aesthetics of the dance that spoke to him and he decided to learn. One thing led to another and already at sixteen he started practice with The Rhythm Hot Shots (now called The Hot Shots). That was 25 years ago and he's been with the group ever since.

Sakarias is on a never ending world tour in the name of lindy hop with probably 1000s of shows, teaching gigs and competitions. Apollo Theatre, Frankie 95 and 100, Basie Centennial, Last Bounce, Jazz Jam, ULHC, several tours in USA, Asia, Australia and Europe (only to name a few). He made it to the finals in Sweden's Got Talent and out of 100s of dancers he was casted among the top 20 to enter the reality tv dance show Floor Filler. He's also one of the founders of Chicago swing dance studio, one of the more famous lindy hop and jazz venues in Stockholm today.


Elice Fällström

Elice from Stockholm, Sweden has a background as an elite gymnast and modern dancer, and discovered lindy hop at the age of 24. She fell in love with the acrobatic influences and the role of self-expression, as well as the playful nature and rich history of the swing dances. What she appreciates most while dancing is the artistic exchange that happens between two individuals - as well as between the dancers and the music - in each millisecond. Elice recently joined the swing dance company The Hot Shots.

Classes and Passes

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Venue for all classes and Fri and Sat parties:

#05-01 Cecil Building, 137 Cecil Street

Nearest MRT stations are Tanjong Pagar and Telok Ayer. The venue is close to Chinatown, which has many hotels and hostels of all price ranges!

Registration available for Full Passes now

Please make payment within 6 hours of submitting your registration form.  

One form per person.
Payment to :

Singapore :  PAYNOW +65 8121 7032 OR

Non Singaporeans : to Name: Alexandra Lau / SWIFT: TRWISGSG0516 / Account No: 496-984-6 / Bank: Wise Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd / Email:

More info on Classes

Class space is strictly limited and for the students' best experience, we are balancing the Lead/Follow ratio. Please sign up early to avoid disappointment.

Our workshops are aimed at two different levels of lindy hoppers:

INTERMEDIATE: less than 2 years of classes and social dancing, you love swinging out and charlestons and can't wait to learn more variations and ways of making your dance more creative.

ADVANCED: More than 2 years of dancing and still love taking classes to get inspiration for new /old ways of doing things! Your basics are so solid that you want to find more ways to turn them inside out. You are ready to open your minds to creativity and expression!


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