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The Swingiest Party In Town

The place to be for Lindy Hop in Singapore!

With Swing Dance Classes for multi-levels, and fun social dance parties

Registrations open for August

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Lindy Hop is Fun!

Lindy hop is a partner dance that emerged during the 1930s and 40s in Harlem, New York alongside Big Band swing and jazz. Just like the blues, this art form rose from the Afro American community and eventually became mainstream, spreading to Europe and the rest of the world during World War II.


A joyful and improvisational dance, it is a wonderful way to connect with a partner and with music. A few simple guidelines are all you need to get you started and swinging out!

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Monday and Thursday Classes

Ever wondered how to Swing Dance?  Get started in no time!  Our classes are geared to get you on the dance floor fast.  Give it a try so you can join in the fun on the dance floor! 


CLASS DATES for August

Monday - 5, 12, 19, 26

Thursday - 1, 8, 15, 22

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Lindy Hop 1

Thursdays: 7 - 8pm

We've designed the classes to introduce you to the fundamentals of the dance.  Have fun, get comfortable partner dancing and experience why the Lindy Hop is often called Happiest dance. 


Our aim is to get you on the floor fast!

  • We recommend you dress lightly

  • Wear comfortable shoes, your feet will thank you

$80 for 4 classes of the month

Designed for those with no Lindy Hop experience.



Lindy Hop 2

Mondays: 7.30 - 8.30pm

You've got the basics and now its time to take it a bit further for even more enjoyable dances.

Learn more moves, including traditional combinations and patterns, and enhance your technique for even more fun on the social dance floor.

$80 for 4 classes of the month

Monday classes are for those who have completed at least 2 months of the Beginners Classes.  Must know 6 and 8 count footwork, Swing Out and Lindy Turns.

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Lindy Hop 3

Thursdays: 8 - 9pm

Continue to fine-tune on your dancing.  The more you learn, the more you realise that developing your dancing is a long but rewarding and exciting journey.

Explore with us and let's get better together!

$80 for 4 classes of the month

For those with at least 1 year of Lindy Hop dancing experience.  Class is by invite only.  Please fill in the form to register your interest.

Screenshot 2023-05-07 at 6.35.32 PM.png

Intermediate - Advance
Lindy Hop 4

Mondays: 7.30 - 9pm

You've got the moves and we dive deeper into the dance with more style and creativity, embodying the rhythm and the music!  All the while connecting, playing and having fun with our partners!

$120 for 4 classes of the month

For those with at least 2 years of Lindy Hop dancing experience.  Class is by invite only.  Please fill in the form to register your interest.


Intermediate Balboa

Thursdays: 8 - 9pm

A close hold swing dance that originated in the 1930s, designed for dancing in tight spaces. Learn this intricate and elegant dance with us!

View a Balboa dance video

$80 for 4 classes of the month

For those who know the fundamentals of Balboa, including uphold and downhold, come around and throw-outs. Class is by invite only.  Please fill in the form to register your interest (for either Beginner/Intermediate class)

Registrations open for August

To confirm your place, please:

1. Register for the class

2. Submit payment to SwingStation:

  • PayNow to 8121 7032  

Please key your name and day of class in the Remarks section during payment so we know it's you! 


Aliwal Arts Centre, Multi-purpose Studio

28 Aliwal Street, Singapore 199918


Every Monday at 8.30-10pm @ 28 Aliwal St

$5 per entry, pay at door - No need to pre-register

Classes are fun and help us to find our feet, but nothing beats the thrill of dancing in a social setting, with a live band or great DJ'ed music, from Swing Jazz back from the 30s - 40s! 

Come and join us every Monday for happy dance fun!  Put on your dancing shoes and swing it out on the dance floor!  Do note that this is now an indoor event at Aliwal Arts Centre to DJ music.

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World Lindy Hop Day

Frankie 110 Square 3 (edited).jpg is so excited to host Singapore's World Lindy Hop Day party! Even more so as it coincides with the 110th year of Frankie Manning's birthday!

Join us for a fun-filled weekend of parties and workshops , together with our very special guests The Stumbling Swingout (9 piece big band from Bangkok) and Patrik and Lizette, Sakarias and Elice (The Hots Shots, Stockholm).


Registration starts 6th Feb 2024, 9pm (SGT)


SwingStation is brought to you by a passionate team who is excited to share the wonders of dancing Lindy Hop with more people!  Come and join us!

In 2015 Timbre Music Academy joined forces with lindy teachers to create Lindy Live @ The House of Timbre, offering classes and weekly parties.  In Jan 2019, this partnership blossomed into SwingStation, thanks to the generous support of Timbre Music Academy. At the beautiful venue of Timbre X @ The Substation, we taught lindy hop classes and organised weekly parties to the live jazz music of our partner, High Notes Music.


SwingStation nights became a mainstay of the lindy hop scene in Singapore and in early 2020, a sprung dance floor was added to enhance the experience even further.

  Unfortunately, activities were paused in 2019 due to Covid-19.


The recent easing of restrictions in 2022 means that the SwingStation team can resume teaching classes and social dancing, in safe and managed conditions.  



Sing started lindy hopping in 1988 in London’s Jitterbugs club. Since then, she has won countless of competitions including the US Open, the American Swing Dance Championships and the Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown in New Orleans. In 1996 she started teaching Lindy Hop in Singapore and has grown the scene to become one of the most vibrant in the world. She teaches at workshops and competes in Sweden, USA and all over Asia. Sing is committed to sharing the Afro American history and culture of jazz and lindy to all dancers! 


Hong Wee started Lindy Hop in 2000 - he found the swing jazz music infectiously joyful and the dance incredibly exciting.  He loves the connection and the creativity that comes with the dance, and the happiness Lindy Hop inevitably brings.  Hong Wee wants to make Lindy sociable and fun.  Live music, casual drinks and good friends make for an awesome evening!



Alex started dancing Lindy Hop in 2013 and immediately fell in love with this happy, infectious dance.  To her, being being able to laugh, whilst connecting with her partner and the music are the best things about Lindy Hop.  The most joyful dances involve those with a live band, where the band and the dancers create energy and give inspiration to each other.  She believes the world will be happier if more people danced Lindy Hop and wishes for everyone to give it a go, even those who think they have two left feet!

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